The Act of “Judge” Kejriwal saves his “Lawyer” colleague

“What is resignation, I can even leave this world if  Kejriwal ask me?” – these words coming out of Delhi Law Minister, Jitender Singh Tomar’s mouth will definitely enlighten you about the role of Delhi Chief Minister as a “Judge”. This type of confidence by a person indulge in fake degree scandal is really awesome and can only comes after getting a surety from the commander-in-chief.

A claimed Law graduate from Tilka Manjhi University of Bihar, came into controversy before the commencement of Delhi assembly Elections. His Law Degree is supposed to be fabricated after the denial of University as the certificate no. in possession of Mr. Jitender Singh Tomar is in the name of some other student. After constant pressure built up by the opposition parties for the resignation of Delhi’s Law Minister, Mr. Tomar finds his solace in justice of Mr. Kejriwal. As per him, he appraise the complete picture in front of Kejriwal and in return he got a assurance to continue his position as Law Minister of Delhi. With this fine acumen of justice, Mr. Kejriwal breaks at least some myths about the sanctity of founding principals of Aam Aadmi Party.

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mi 4i

Best Selfie Phone – Xiomi Mi4i

Make a entry in your diary to grab the best selfie phone on May 17th, 2015 on flipkart. This time it is Xiomi Mi 4i, a Xiomi hardware with 13 MP Sony/Samsung camera.

A prominent player in Indian mobile market not only for its products but also for its brand value, Xiomi introduces a selfie smart phone, Xiomi Mi 4i recently. The phone is at par with the premium ranges smart phones available in the market considering its hardware configuration but  almost half in price. The outstanding features of this phone is as such:

A display of Perfection
Its 5″ full HD sharp/JDI display satuated with upto 95% of the colors from NTSC palette makes this phone way ahead in race of 1080 resolution. There too gorgeous colors are enhanced using full lamination technology  for super contrast. It also features all new Sunlight-Display, which uses hardware level technology to dramatically improve readability in bright sun light. Corning OGS class covers all these stunning features within itself producing 441 pixels per inch.

2nd Generation Qualcomm Octa-core Processor
Best hardware components to suit your multitasking and demanding applications needs coupled by 2nd generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa-core 64 bit processor which processes twice more data than currently 32 bit processor. Paired with an Aderno 405 GPU and support for open Gl ES 3.0, the latest standard in 3D gaming, Mi 4i is adept in handling both everyday apps and 3D gaming equally well.

13 MP Sony/Samsung camera
Its 13 MP Sony/Samsung camera with f/2.0 produces pics at professional sharpness. Its innovative two tone flash can intelligently access room color temperature to emulate natural lighting. A captured selfie looks amazing with a 5 MP front camera and your pictures are further beautify by a gorgeous built in tool that applied 36 smart profile filters for all natural glow.

Latest 4G Dual SIM connectivity
With 4G support on both the SIM slot and support for up to 16 LTE bands, there’s no stopping when you are with Mi4i. Mangae personal and work environment with utmost ease with intelligent dual SIM features and detailed preferred network settings for each one.

3X faster with 802.11ac Wi-Fi
With 3 times faster than the previous Wi-Fi speed with latest 802.11ac, you will be able to either stream or download large files faster and reliable.  Dual band 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi provides for faster and more stable connections.

Pump Up the Volume
With a built in amplifier, Smart PA, which amplifies sound significantly and improves playback quality while protecting speakers at high volume levels, will put your ear in some other world.

3120 mAh power bank battery
Hightest capacity battery fitted into slim profile. The craftsmanship of  Xiomi reflected in putting all day long 3120 mAh battery into 7.8 mm incredibly thin frame.

With new MIUI 6 operating system that deeply customized, beautiful and great for productivity,  compel you to give a try to this phone. After using this phone for some time you will fall deeply in love with this phone, as Company promises.

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Modi Govt. is “Soojh-boojh ki Sarkar” not the “Suit-Boot Ki Sarkar” – Jaitley

A well suited reply was given by the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley for the taunt raised by resurgent yuvraj Rahul Gandhi. After returning from Bangkok, Rahul Gandhi taking a jibe on Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, the Modi Govt. is not for poors, his govt. is for riches. Emphasizing his thinking, he throw a slogan for the Modi Govt. and said your govt. is a “Suit-Boot ki Sarkar.” He further augmented his criticism by taunting on Prime Minister stay in India that “Our Prime Minister is visiting India now a days and he must visit Punjab too”.

The taunt of Rahul Gandhi was well returned by the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley during concluding discussions on finance bill. Arun jaitley said “ Modi Govt. is “Soojh-Boojh( having active mind ) ki Sarkar” not the “Suit-Boot ki Sarkar”. He appealed to Rahul Gandhi to stop misleading Indians about the Modi Govt. For Rahul’s “PM visiting India now a days” jibe Jaitley shown a mirror to him. He said atleast world knows whenever Prime Minister visiting any foreign country but what about him? Nobody knows about the two months stay of Rahul Gandhi at Bangkok.

After returning from 56 days Bangkok trip, Rahul Gandhi seems to be occupying the void opposition benches and raising questions on Modi Govt. regularly. On the other hand, the nation waiting for the next break which Rahul is going to take to further gain extra strengthen to lift the Congress party from dust.

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Relief Grief with Beef – Pakistani Way to feed Nepali Hindus

A decent nation is supposed to be in charge of its activities and when a country is going through its worst devastation, no one could take the benefit of its helplessness and propagate own sinister designs.

Millions of Nepali citizens are hungry and finding difficulty for their survival from worst hit earthquake, expecting aids from their friendly countries. But the ready-to-eat foods provided by their Pakistani friends have shattered their beliefs. Pakistan has provided “Beef Masala” to their Cow-loving friends in Nepal. Nepal is the only declared Hindu country in the world and as per Hindu tradition, the Cow is a sacred animal and worshiped by Nepali people.

It may be either a insensitive behavior or a planned mischief, but it certain to dent the relation between these two countries.

As per reports published in Nepali newspaper, this serious matter has been reported to the Nepali Prime Minister and is certain to be escalated further.

In India too, there are sharp reactions coming out. The yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, who is providing relief work at Nepal since the outburst of earthquake, termed this as a sinister design of Pakistan to malign the Hindu faith.

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Crocodile’s Tears in AAP’s Digvijay Eyes

Very seldom we see our leaders cry and it happens once in a moon that the leaders change their stand 360 degree next morning. This happens to Mr. Ashutosh of AAP, who keep reiterating his bogus excuses causing death to an innocent farmer and suddenly got his inner conscious awaken and appearing crying in a live tv show. The former journalist seems to be mastered all the skills of politicians in very little time. You all remember the famous dialogue of Anil Kapoor in movie “Nayak” where he tells the villain that even though he was just a year old in politics but his experience is for more than 51 years as he given a tough fight to a 50 year old politician since last one year. This holds true in case of AAP, the party may be 2 years old but their leaders are appearing mature in art of politics.

Their constant endeavor to turn each n every incident in their favor is really great. The minutes after the tragic suicide, the so called “suicide note” reached into the hand of Kumar Viswas, the term “Suicide Note” was also coined by him only, even though the note containing nothing to that sort. There was a complete contradiction between the lines uttered by him to the note purposely written by the poor farmer. The sinister finger movement confirming the hanging of farmer by Kumar Vishwas is self explicit and truly reveals the pre conceived evil designs.

The illogical and insensitive utterances after the death of the farmer exposed this party very badly. Each one of them tried their best to take mileage from this tragic incidence. But this time their calculation took them to undesired land and proves their smartness counterproductive.

Mr. Ashotosh, who is considered Digvijay of AAP, exposes his clumsiness in open. His words are fatal for the party like Digvijay’s of Congress. It will be better to remain grounded otherwise it will cost the new party badly. His tears in live tv shows further exposes his hollowness, his words, please keep politics out of this and in same breath blaming top leaders for politicizing this death has further eroded his credibility.


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