Crocodile’s Tears in AAP’s Digvijay Eyes

Very seldom we see our leaders cry and it happens once in a moon that the leaders change their stand 360 degree next morning. This happens to Mr. Ashutosh of AAP, who keep reiterating his bogus excuses causing death to an innocent farmer and suddenly got his inner conscious awaken and appearing crying in a live tv show. The former journalist seems to be mastered all the skills of politicians in very little time. You all remember the famous dialogue of Anil Kapoor in movie “Nayak” where he tells the villain that even though he was just a year old in politics but his experience is for more than 51 years as he given a tough fight to a 50 year old politician since last one year. This holds true in case of AAP, the party may be 2 years old but their leaders are appearing mature in art of politics.

Their constant endeavor to turn each n every incident in their favor is really great. The minutes after the tragic suicide, the so called “suicide note” reached into the hand of Kumar Viswas, the term “Suicide Note” was also coined by him only, even though the note containing nothing to that sort. There was a complete contradiction between the lines uttered by him to the note purposely written by the poor farmer. The sinister finger movement confirming the hanging of farmer by Kumar Vishwas is self explicit and truly reveals the pre conceived evil designs.

The illogical and insensitive utterances after the death of the farmer exposed this party very badly. Each one of them tried their best to take mileage from this tragic incidence. But this time their calculation took them to undesired land and proves their smartness counterproductive.

Mr. Ashotosh, who is considered Digvijay of AAP, exposes his clumsiness in open. His words are fatal for the party like Digvijay’s of Congress. It will be better to remain grounded otherwise it will cost the new party badly. His tears in live tv shows further exposes his hollowness, his words, please keep politics out of this and in same breath blaming top leaders for politicizing this death has further eroded his credibility.