Indian Airforce Sweet Poem to Pakistan

You remember the tweet of Pakistani Air force the day it got strike by Indian Air Force in deep inside the Pakistan. They tweeted like “Dear Pakistan, Go to sleep as we are awaking”. The air strike on same day shows their hollow claim, when they were hitted very deep inside by Indian Air Force.

Now a sweet reply along with caution to Pakistan Air Force by their Indian counterpart. Enjoy to read…

Pakistan Not Permitting Media to Investigate Balakot Strike

Truth is very powerful and always prevails

Above is a universal true, it is true in real sense. You cannot hide the truth, it comes down heavily when you try to cover it beneath the layers of lies.

All the world witnessed a necessary reply to world’s greatest menace, the terrorism. The Indian Air Force has blown away the secret hide out of UNO banned terrorist organisation – Jaish-e-Mohammad. The strike was so lethal that whatever present at the moment of airstrike turned into ashes. Denying the impact, the Pakistani Army shown a brave face to the world inviting their journalists to the site to prove a zero loss.

But, recently the journalists were stopped to visit the site, as the Pakistani Army wants to cover the losses.